May 12, 2017 - OLYA - New Connections: Student Performance Piece Reaches Across Artistic Disciplines

"Olya picks up a microphone and—in her solo vocal performance—offers writhing vocal runs that correspond with the movements of the dancers, who conjure the idea of connection with interlocked fingers. The piece, "Connections" was the brainchild of Olya and served as a prime example of the type of cross-discipline collaboration envisioned by the merger between Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music."

Review of live performance "Connection" by Mike Keefe-Feldman (Berklee College of Music)

May 27, 2015 - OLYA - "Utopia" - EP Review

"Beautifully played and produced…Olya has been getting it right all throughout Utopia, but she truly rises to the top of her own achievements on this final song. “Ne Zrya / Не Зря” is another innovative melody that allows the mind to step right into Olya’s world and really experience the music as she’s envisioned it to be. With full creative-control of her sound, Olya has followed her incredible instincts right to the nth degree on this EP, and with an absolute blast of melodic, emotional-fireworks in her final song have certainly made her an artist I’ll remember completely."

Review of album "Utopia" by Sleeping Bag Studios

May 24, 2015 - Review of Album "Utopia" by Beach Sloth

"Infectious hooks and melodic sensibilities. Reassurance drenched in sunlight. Olya’s “Utopia” paints a picture of a perfect kind of pop: one where happiness resides and thrives."

Review of album "Utopia" by Beach Sloth


Interview with SKOPE Magazine talking about Halloween, CMJ, growing up in Russia and more...

Aug 28, 2014 - OLYA live performance review @ Bar Matchless

Review of the live performance at Bar Matchless by Glamglare

Apr 5, 2014 - JNoodles review of "Crash and Burn" single

"OLYA was bound to make her own imprint on anything she would've been tackling following the release of 'Carefully' back in 2010. 2013's "Crash and Burn" is exemplar of that, acting as a great showcase of her ability to write and perform infectious hooks and infallible harmonies with an intrinsically sultry, exceptionally gorgeous tone to boot."

JNoodles review of "Crash and Burn" (by Jonathan Frahm)

Jan 26, 2014 - Interview with AZ1 Promo

Interview with Olya by DJ Flash Jordan from AZ1 Promo

Jan 5, 2013 - "Hush, Baby" memory and cancer awareness song

Article about "Hush, Baby" on Cancer Research Institute (CRI) website

May 6, 2012 - Album review from TriState Indie

"Carefully" CD review by TriState Indie after OLYA's show at the LAUNCH music festival

Dec 14, 2011 - CD Review from Music Emissions

Review of album "Carefully" by Music Emissions 

Nov, 6, 2011 - CD Review is up @ SKOPE Magazine

Review of OLYA's album "Carefully" by SKOPE Magazine