Last Sunday, November 2nd, we were one of 150 bands along the marathon course to play music, sing and cheer for the runners. Despite hearing from my runners friends about the importance of musical support, i didn't know what to expect... 

To say that it was lots of fun is to say absolutely nothing!! It was amazingly enriching and empowering experience!!! The energy of the runners, volunteers, spectators and everybody else involved was beyond imaginable! To see 50,000 people run by you and get all lit up the moment they see you sing and cheer is an immense charge. Some would go out of their way and circle with me and my microphone, others would throw their hands up and dance while running for as long as they can hear the music!! 

If you've done it once, you have to do it again! New York City Marathon will never be the same for me!!! 

Needless to say, the next day I felt like I ran the marathon myself, as I was singing, cheering and dancing for 5 hours straight! But it is so worth it!!!


Brooklyn, NY