About me


Smart and chic, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter OLYA is cranking out a sound that is as intimate as her hometown peers in Lucius, and as bold and brash as electro pop darlings Chvrches.  Performing in both English and her native Russian, she "makes her mark on the synth-pop world with one of the most unique takes on the genre yet" (Jonathan Frahm).

In the latter half of 2013, under the flagship of the new electro synth-pop sound, OLYA started her collaboration with a Grammy winning mixer and producer Nic Hard known for his work with Snarky Puppy.  Her first single "Crash and Burn" mixed by Nic came out in November 2013. The single was followed by a 7-song EP "Utopia", which OLYA fully recorded and produced in her studio and once again mixed with Nic Hard.  "Utopia" was released in June 2015 at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. 

In 2016, OLYA was accepted with scholarship to Berklee College of Music where she now continues her studies in electronic production and sound design.  While working on new electronic releases, she had an opportunity to sing in a 10-piece a cappella group, the "Boston Aires", during the "Pablo Ziegler Meets Berklee" show at the Berklee Performance Center (BPC).  In 2017, she put together a collaborative multidisciplinary performance "Connection" involving Boston Conservatory choreographer Diane Arvanites and her 7 students, painting performer Fotini Christophillis and Alejandro Gonzalez on audio-reactive video.